Crystal Techno

Customized quality optics

SOREM is a French company founded in 1953. Based on an association with CNRS, the company specialised in optics and today works in three main activity field :

Manufacture of materials transparent
within broad transmission bands from ultraviolet to far infrared.

Manufacture of standard optical components
(windows, flats, discs, prisms, lenses, mirrors) :
- Mass production
- Special production meeting specific requirements.

Design and manufacture of mechanical optical assemblies for measuring, inspection and analysis applications.

The company in particular specialised in the industrial inspection windows covering a broad radiation band.

Thanks to a big experience, the SOREM team provides efficient advices and help for developing your projects. The company can also make specific developments on new materials upon request. SOREM has developed and valorised its know-how with a widely appreciated rigour. Its organization and quality system is conform to the AS|EN|JISQ 9100 norm and the NF EN ISO 9001 norm.

Today, its products are distributed all over the world in research laboratories and in the industry as well (space, telecom, weapon, nuclear, analytics, etc...)

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